To Our Customers & Community,

As the COVID numbers decrease, we are seeing more relaxed rules in our community, thank goodness. However, remember to maintain a cleaning and sanitizing procedure to stay healthy. 

With the world in an influx of change, war in the Ukraine, shortages of products, soaring fuel prices, and traffic jams everywhere, we are needing to raise our minimum for free delivery. Effective March 1, 2022, the minimum order for delivery is $150.00. This is considered very low, the national average which is $500.00. Please understand we are striving to have next day delivery whenever possible.

What we're Hearing from the manufactures, starting April 1 will be a tough month, all products are expected to rise by 10-15%. Aluminum foils, cups, paper towels and disposables may be on the hard to get list. We at Maintenance Too Paper Co are building our inventory levels to maintain the products and pricing to ride out this rough period. We have a lot of great deals on alcohol wipes, sanitizers, gowns, trigger sprayers, and much more. We'll be mailing you a flier with some amazing specials.

Thank you & Be Safe,

John Hargreaves

Maintenance Too Paper Co.